Our wedding party

Here they are!  Get to know them!

Staci's attendants
  • Sara Sizemore, Maid Of Honor
    Sara is and has been my best friend since high school. We cheered and lived together in college. Never a dull moment with this girl!!! I could sit here all day and ramble on about all of the memories and fun times we have had, but most of them may not be appropriate. (just kidding, of course, y'all ;)!!)
  • Morgan Ward, Bridesmaid
    Morgan and I have known each other since we were babies and have grown up very closely. She learned at an early age that I don't mess around with coat hangers... ;)
  • Hanna Ward, Bridesmaid
    Hanna is also a great friend that I have known since we were very little. I am so happy that I was able to introduce her to the man of her dreams, who is also one of my best friends, Drew Dunlap! Congrats, yall!
  • Kaylyn Greene, Bridesmaid
    Kaylyn is George's sister and such an awesome person inside and out! Kaylyn and I have been able to become very close over the last two years! I am so thrilled to be gaining such a wonderful sister!
  • M.C. Mason, Bridesmaid
    I first met M.C. when we cheered together in college. Over the years we have become so close and she is one of my best friends!
    *Please note: Her invitation for the wedding will tell her to be there an hour early...this will hopefully make her be there on time!
  • Mackenzie Mason, Bridesmaid
    Oh, Kenzy-Pumpkin! We have been so close since the end of college. She is definitely the mother of the group. Everyone needs a good friend like her to keep everyone in line!!
  • Gretchen Burchett, Bridesmaid
    Little Gretch! We have known each other only for a few years, but we have become so close! Knoxville road trips, Hangoutfest, concerts, etc.! So much fun! She's little, but don't let it fool you! She has a big personality! :)
  • Jessica Davis, Bridesmaid
    Last, but definitely NOT least! Jessica and I are so close. (but NOW so far!) She has recently left for bigger and better things in Dallas, Texas, but she knows better than to not come visit every now and then. SO happy for everything she has been able to accomplish!
George's attendants
  • Sam Vaughn, Best Man
    Sam is a best friend, pledge brother and fellow CPA. We lived together for 4 years in Knoxville. Needless to say, Sam knows all of the good stories about me.
  • George Greene, III, Best Man
    The man, the myth, the legend himself....my father. As he likes to say, "he brought me into this world, and he isn't afraid to take me out." Thanks for everything, Dad.
  • Justin Tannenbaum, Groomsman
    Justin is another pledge brother of mine who has recently settled into Nashville as my roommate for the past year. It only took 4 years of college and another year in Nashville to finally wash away that South Florida.
  • Bart McMillin, Groomsman
    Bart is one of my few friends that I didn't meet in high school or college. We actually met at a NASCAR campsite in Bristol, TN (Bart's hometown). To make a long story short, we had a great time that weekend and never lost touch. After years of NASCAR races together, I consider him one of my closest friends. "Let's go racin' Bart!"
  • Carson Morris, Groomsman
    Carson is of course Staci's little brother. After 24 years of growing up with a sister, I can't wait to have a little brother I can "show the ropes to."
  • Zach Benson, Groomsman
    Zach (aka Benny or Benson) is yet another pledge brother of mine. We had some great times in college from spring breaks, to game days, to our infamous fight in the fraternity house. He always knew how to have a good time...just don't let Benny get too close if he has been drinking.
  • Connor Adamczyk, Groomsman
    Connor (aka Clowndor) is also a pledge brother and a fellow CPA as well. Funny story, Connor and I were not too fond of each other while pledging. However, we quickly became good friends while living in the fraternity house and serving on Exec together. Unfortunately, he chose public accounting, so I never get to see him anymore.
  • Andrew Foncannon, Groomsman
    First, I can't remember the last time I have heard someone call him Andrew. His name is "Fon". We lived together for a couple years in college, and he is quite possibly the funniest person I know. I fully expect him to steal the show at the wedding with his awesome dance moves.
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